Here Is Your Opportunity To Help A Disabled Vet.

Here is Your Opportunity to Help a Disabled Vet.

As many of you know, I have the privilege of consulting to the BVL as the 2016 marketing director for BVL.

Early on, I recognized that BVL did not have a “go to” communication tool that would explain, in about 3 minutes, what BVL is, what it does, who it does it for and how to get more proprietors involved to “Care, Commit And Contribute” to BVL, bowling’s oldest and only charity.

The solution, I felt, was to produce a short video that would capture the hearts and minds of anyone who saw and heard its powerful message, thus motivating these folks to make a contribution to BVL.

This year we are asking proprietors to pledge $1,000 (about $3 per day – or one pair of shoe rental income per day – for the next 12 months!!). These monies can be raised from in center programs and from programs BVL has available for you. It really won’t cost the proprietor anything!

I am excited to tell you about the video that was directed and produced by my newest client and a new digital marketing presence into the bowling, BEC and FEC industries.

Here’s how to get to the video:

John LaSpina, the Chairman of BVL had this to say about the video that was produced by Ten Pin Marketing.
“A very powerful, factual, heart rendering, and professionally produced video that expressed the true meaning of BVL and how bowling proprietors can contribute to this cause which has been one of my “life’s passions” for a very long time. I hope that many proprietors see this and step up to support this wonderful organization. Kudos to Jim, and Jeff at Ten Pin marketing and to Fred for putting this wonderfully motivating video together for us. My sincere appreciation to you all for a job very well done!”

Elizabeth Montanya, the Executive Director of BVL had this to say about the video that was produced by Ten Pin Marketing
“I don’t know who to credit for who played what role in the magic you/your team created; but on behalf of the BVL and the veterans we serve, we want to sincerely thank you for developing perhaps the most important and effective tool in our promotional arsenal to date. With little to no time, you turned a dusty, vague story into something our audience can wrap their heads and hearts around. For the first time, BVL has a stirring and poignant way to communicate our mission.
Here at BVL, we pride ourselves on limiting our overhead costs and returning more than 94% of our contributions to the veterans in need; but that makes it a challenge to effectively “sell” our cause. Thanks to you, we are able to maintain our goal and have something that will move and motivate potential contributors. From the script to the graphics, the edits to the imagery — and even to the distribution mechanism; Tenpin Marketing delivered!”
Thank you,Elizabeth Montanya, Executive Director BVL… Brightening Veterans Lives

My guess is if you played this video on your overhead monitors, at least a couple of times a month, on weekends and weekdays, you would raise far more than you can imagine, from open play and league customers.

I hope that you and all of my 1000+ subscribers to this blog open the link:  and watch it for 3:13 seconds and then send it along to your Facebook friends or email it to their contacts.We hope you will pledge to contribute and also recognize the value of this charity to the industry and to your center in your local community.

Won’t you please take a moment and pass this video along to your colleagues, family, friends and neighbors?

Thank you ever so much.

Best regards,


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