Sometimes You Look at the Short Run. Other Times, You Look at the Long Run.

When your cash flow is low, you’re just out trying to make sales, drive traffic and sell some bowling.

When you’re a little more flush, you may take a breath and then look at what has to be done to sustain growth, whether it is for capital improvements, staff training, and greater involvement on your digital footprint or improving customer satisfaction.

Here’s an example of some short run viewpoints vs. long run differences, IMHO.

In the short run, there’s you’re always putting out fires and never have enough time.
In the long run, you make your resources available (both time and money) for looking forward.

In the short run, you can fool anyone. In the long run, it’s always about trust. Earn it. Keep it.

In the short run, you have an opening, so hire the next warm body.
In the long run, you end up spending most of your time with “the warm body” you hired in the short run.

In the short run, managing people like a tyrant is a great way to make you feel better.
In the long run, building a company that values employees’ achievements, opinions and ideas makes good business sense.

Add up the short runs, though, and you’re left with the long run.  Because it’s going to be the long run a lot longer than the short run will last.

If you’re in it for the long run, give us a call and let us help you to realize your goals.

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