The Streak

In the summer of 1941, Joe DiMaggio, #5 for the New York Yankees, got at least one hit in 56 straight games. In the 57th game, he did not get a hit, thus breaking his streak at 56 games, but way ahead of Willie Keeler’s record of 46 games.

From his 57th game to 73rd game, he got a hit in 16 more straight games. Over the course of those 73 games, he got a hit in 72 games. The odds of doing that are 6 in 10,000.

He ended up batting .388…18 points less than the great Ted Williams (.406).  Both were successful. Both had, by today’s standards, astronomically high batting averages and high levels of consistency at the plate. But only one was on a World Series winning team; Joe DiMaggio. His team was just a little more consistent than was Ted’s team – The Boston Red Sox

The secret to both of these men’s success was “consistent perseverance”. They simply would not go hitless. They were focused and determined to get on base more frequently than other players and help their team win.

Your marketing could take a lesson from them. Be consistent. Be visible. Be relevant. Persevere. Be interesting and make sure that you and your team are doing this every week, every month…all year long.

Start your streak now. Only 5 to 6 weeks to the start of the season.

Time to get on it and start your “streak” now.

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