You’ve Got a Friend

There has been an amazing amount of information on the internet as it pertains to diets, health and miracle cures for all sorts of diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes to inflammatory issues to low energy, to stomach bloating to even gum disease and millions of people buy these products as advertised.

Unfortunately very few of them work to the degree that the inventor has promised.

Almost all of them have a placebo effect that works to make the user “think” he is getting better, but that is short lived; the effects just don’t last in the long run.

What does last is the tried and true prescription of “a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, exercise and having friends to share your life experiences”. Clinical psychologists have studied the phenomena of longevity and their conclusions are as follows: people who have a long life are inclined to have more friendships, more close friends and a stronger support group.

They are rarely lonely nor do they feel alone and isolated, even when physical issues arise.

What better way to talk about bowling and what it makes people feel like than to tell stories about the “strong friendships” that people develop in a bowling league?

Many proprietors have leagues that are 10 or 15 or even 20 years old. The people in those leagues have developed friendships with their team mates as well as other league members. New league members, who have joined along the way, have been assimilated into the league and no doubt have also made some new friends too. Some of these friendships will last a lifetime.

Why not interview some of these people using your cell phone and then post it on your Facebook page. Wouldn’t this really communicate what bowling, especially in a league, is really all about?

Maybe even interview two friends that met as members of a bowling league and ask them some candid questions like, how did you meet? Do you see each other outside of bowling? What do you both like? Do you go out together with your spouses? I’ll bet you get some great stories

Try to probe how they really feel about each other and what the “bond of bowling” really means to them.  Heck you could do a whole series of stories on this subject, especially NOW, right before the league season.

Now that’s a story to tell!

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  1. Great idea about the cell phone interview. This could work not only for league bowling but fundraisers, birthday parties, special events in the bar… This should work even better if the person being interviewed is well liked outside the center.

    We have just started to use Facebook Live. What a great way to let people know about the “Big Happenings” at a center like a live broadcast of a 300 game. Once a person gets his feet wet the interview could also go live.

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