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Having returned from the Eastern States convention, this past week, I am pleased to say that most proprietors seem to be doing well and are more focused on marketing and customer service than ever before. However; there are still areas of opportunity that have been relatively untouched.

And that’s why I was asked to give a presentation about “fundraising marketing.” I had a pretty good-sized crowd and I discussed the best ways I know to get your share of the fund-raising dollar.

I was also part of the BVL booth and am grateful to playing a part in generating awareness for BVL, (Brightening Veterans Lives), as well as helping to raise money for this amazing charity.  BVL is bowling’s only and oldest charity, established in 1942 and 74 years later is still going strong by providing recreational and occupational therapy equipment to our gallant heroes.

One of our newest marketing efforts has been to ask our industry partners to contribute to this worthwhile charity that helps disabled vets to return to a normal family life.

One of the first persons to step us is Jon Perper, a veteran bowling proprietor and founder of ZLed Lighting, an LED company that supplies all kinds of LED lighting, many specifically designed for bowling centers. Jon has agreed to rebate 2% of all bowling centers sales of ZLed Lighting supplies to BVL.

I felt encumbered to tell you about this because, if you are thinking about retrofitting your bowling center lighting, and saving a bundle in electrical and HVAC costs in the process, I hope you will think of ZLed Lighting and help our wounded vets at the same time.

For more information, please visit www.zled-lighting.com or call 800 679 9243 and let them light up your center and help raise money for BVL as well.

To make a donation to BVL or to become an industry partner, please visit www.BowlForVeterans.org or call 703 934 6039.

Thank you very much.

The Bowlers to Veterans Link Flyer

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