When Everybody Agrees With You

You’re the owner, the boss, the manager and you float an idea past your entire staff. And everyone agrees. No doubt that what is being decided upon has an element of confusion…or they’re all scared to disagree with you. If you find that situation happening far too often, you have several alternatives:

  1. Write the idea on paper and send it to each staff member. Let them respond anonymously. You may be surprised at what you get back
  2. Give the idea to someone else to float to the whole staff and see what happens; you might get more feedback that way…and a better decision
  3. Bring in a 3rd party objective facilitator to brainstorm ideas. There’s a science to brainstorming and if you try to do it yourself, all you will get is either a lot of silence or a lot of “yeses”
  4. Find out what makes them so afraid to disagree with you in the first place
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  1. Lewis Sims / Dynasty Lanes | January 4, 2017 at 7:25 pm | Reply

    Some of the best ideas come form staff members. If they feel comfortable at your meetings, get thanked for their input, get credit (including telling the customers)if ideas are used they will offer more.

    One example of what we have done is a staff member came up with the idea of having pizza fries added to the menu. We put a picture of the new item on our monitors that read: Nick Garrett’s Pizza Fries.

    What we did to pull the suggestion out of him was to ask team members to come up with a new menu item based on the products we currently carry. We had a few ideas offered and then we voted on them.

    A few meetings later he came up with dessert foldovers with apple or cherry pie fillings. We again gave credit for the idea to him on the advertisement for it.

    By doing this the staff has come up with other food, drink, open play promotions and league ideas over the years. Many of these management wouldn’t have came up with on our own.

    The best part is the buy-in by the employees. They feel connected to the business, do a better job when on duty and our turnover rate is excellent compare to other businesses in the area.

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