What’s The Best Length for an E-mail?

I sometimes use Constant Contact to mail out newsletters to other businesses and I find them to be a reliable source of information. Here’s something I picked up while taking one of their teleseminars, so I thought I would pass it on to you

Because I know you want a definitive answer.

So here it is: The best length for your email is approximately 20 lines of text. We’ve found 20 lines of text — or about 200 words result in the highest click-through rate for most businesses.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story.
The better answer: As long as it needs to be.

The best length for your email newsletter depends on the action you want your reader to take.

All marketing emails follow the same basic formula: Picture, Paragraph, Call to Action. As for what to say in your email, you should follow a simple, persuasive formula for the content you’re writing by answering the following questions:

  1. What are you offering?– This is your headline.
  2. How will it help the reader?– This is your body copy.
  3. What should they do next?– This is your call to action.

See the example above.

The amount of text you use changes based on the information the reader needs in order to take the action.

For example, if you want someone to click-through to read a blog post, your paragraph needs to create enough interest to make them want to read more. You don’t need to add anything else.

But what if the action is bigger?

Perhaps you want someone to RSVP for an event. It’s likely your reader is going to need more information in order to make a decision. You’ll need to include information like:

  • Purpose of the event
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Costs
  • Answers to potential questions

Maybe you’d like potential guests to take a survey. You may want to provide “a reason why” in order to compel more people to respond.

Here’s how to determine the best length for your email newsletter.
Start with this rule of thumb: If the action requires more of the reader, you’ll need to include more information.

Then ask, what information does my reader need to take the action I want them to take?
As always, be concise.

Remove anything that doesn’t help the reader take that action.
That’s the best length for your email newsletter.


Source: Constant Contact Teleseminar.

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  1. I think you re right on. A compelling narrative keeps people engaged, which is just as true for a 60-second explainer video as it is for a feature-length film.

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