Because it’s Worth It

The nicest complement I get as a consultant is: “Oh Fred Kaplowitz and his Kaploe Group, ‘worth every dollar I spent.'” Not that he is the least expensive, not that he dropped his price for me. None of those reasons are why I get business and you get business. You get business because consumers see value in your product. Simply stated: what they paid is WORTH the experience they received. Period.

Of course there are always price shoppers and always will be. Probably 1 out of 6 consumers only buy on price. If that’s your target, OK, but I really don’t think that’s who you want as a consistent customer. I laugh when I think about someone buying a parachute and asking for the cheapest one. Or if price was all that mattered, even Yugo would be in business today. The fact is nobody wants a crummy product or a crummy experience. Nobody.

After that video of a passenger being dragged off a United flight went viral last week, how many people do you think won’t fly on United Airlines in the near future, regardless of the cost?

See it’s easy to “decide by” price. It’s a number. It’s quantifiable. Everybody can see who is expensive and who is cheap.

Consumers understand this more than ever; note the proliferation of higher priced bowling entertainment centers. People aren’t choosing them because they are cheap. They are choosing them because there are differences between these venues and perhaps your center.

Sometimes, those differences are worth what they cost.

“Being worth it” is a good goal to have in any business.

Low price should be your last tactic if you don’t care enough to build something worth paying for.

In your experience, how often is the cheapest choice the best choice?

How often is it your best choice?

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  1. Just had an employee meeting tonight before I read your post stating the same thing. I used the scenario would you rather buy a steak sinner at the cost of $5, $10, $15, $25, $50 or $100? I let them vote on it and most picked the $25 steak dinner, nobody picked the $5 steak dinner. I then asked them what would you expect to get for each of these dinners when it came to quality of the food, service, atmosphere….. We need to make our product worth more to the guest, and have our customer happily pay more because of the experience they get in return.

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