8 Simple And Easy Facebook Tips You Can Use Right Before The Start Of the Season

S1-008-August-2017As the days trickle down to our pending move to Ellicott City, MD, this Saturday I wanted to pass along some ideas to you about Facebook which now has over 2 Billion subscribers and while Google (1.2 billion users), Snapchat, Twitter and other digital companies are hot on its heels, Facebook seems to be the leader of the pack…at least for now.

So Here Are Some Quick Facebook Tips You Can Right before the Season Is Starting

1 – Develop an irresistible offer that you can offer weekdays or weekends or all the time for whatever times you want. You can do something like bowl your 3rd game free or bowl your 3rd game for $1.95 or even 99 cents. Or 2 games for $5. Just make it irresistible. Also offer a great food offer on a high margin item like large fries (I offer a large fries in a movie theatre mid-size bucket for $7.50 and then take $2 off as a value. I still have great margins. Give the product a new name like “Back to School Fries.” Or “August Fries”.

2 – Create a story about back to school something like:

“When I was a kid and August came around, I knew that the start of the school season wasn’t far away. In fact in some cases it was just two or three weeks away and my friends and I wanted to get every last minute of fun in before school started. Last night my 11 year old grandson told me he had the same feeling…which got me to thinking: What if I offered a great offer so kids and their parents could get a great deal on bowling and snacks and create some happy preschool memories. So I did and I want you to check out our $XX bowling special and $$ tub of Back to School fries.” Just click here to get these great coupons before they expire August 31st.” Be sure to use a bold colorful graphic or create a “youtube” video, on this post, of happy people bowling.

Be sure to create a link on Facebook post that goes to your landing page that has the offer and the two coupons on it. Make sure the coupons are compatible for mobile viewing. Over 75% of all posts are viewed on a mobile device.

3 – Create your landing page so it is easy to navigate and can be viewed on a mobile device quickly and easily.

4 – Post this Facebook notice every four days or so and then boost your post. Boosting your post lets you choose and target the demographic you want (married men or women 25 to 49 and single men and women 15 to 35 in your community and surrounding communities or within 5 miles or 10 miles of your bowling center.

Use key words like bowling, entertainment, family fun, weekend fun, movies, entertainment centers, miniature golf and anything other activity you can think of that competes with your business. Facebook will then tell you how many people your budget will reach. You can then adjust your budget up or down.

5 – Budget $15 or $25 a day for at least two weeks. You can do this for about $350 for two weeks (@ $25 per day) and check your results every day.

6 – Make sure you place this information on your website in a real short form.

“Great August Back to School Days” (bowling offer and food offer go here with dates and times available), then a click here to go to landing page. Use big graphics of happy people bowling and tag line “make happy memories and save big too before school starts”.

7 – If you want to run a Facebook advertising campaign, I suggest you click here to go to this website to get an easy to follow plan. It’s not as hard as some people may lead you to believe.

8 – Last but not last make sure that you get peoples data base information. Hand them cards and tell them that someone will win $100 of free bowling at the end of the promotion. Hey it’s the best $100 you will ever spend.

Be sure to ask for gender, birthday year and month, interest in company parties or birthday parties or short season bowling programs along with name, address and email.

Good luck and I’ll write to you again soon…from Ellicott City, Maryland, darn close to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay! Maybe I’ll even get a boat but as my father would say, “What? A boat? A boat is nothing more than a hole in the ground, you throw money into.” Hmm.

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