Are You Irresistible?

I was at a bowling center the other day where an old school proprietor actually screamed at two 8 year olds who were standing on the approach at the same time during a birthday party.

The Mother of one of the children, visibly upset, said something to the owner and the next thing I knew was that all 14 kids were leaving. Don’t know if the proprietor ever got paid, but if he did, he shouldn’t have.

What could have possessed the owner to take that action?

Probably he had no sensitivity to the actions of 8 year olds

Or he didn’t acknowledge his customers actions and gently remind them that having two on a lane is dangerous.

Or he was living in another century.

All of these are mere excuses. The real reason, I think was that the owner just does not understand how important “irresistible” is. Instead, he only thinks of annoyance, disruption, and HIS rules.

While we all agree that it is probably time for him to get out of the business, what would you say to him to try and change his mindset?

I would tell him a story about an ice cream company I visited over the summer, in Maine, that delivered a remarkable customer experience and while the ice cream was definitely worth more than $3 for a giant cone, the experience that the owner and employees provided, their smiles, their grins, their fun atmosphere filled with old time ice cream makers that asked customers to please “touch” made eating an ice cream cone a irresistible experience.

Or maybe there was a line out the door because the store was cheaper. But I don’t think so. I think it was because the experience was just better. But better is hard to define. I would choose to call it “irresistible” and every business in the world has to pursue the relentless pursuit of “irresistible.”

Are you doing the same?

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