Absurd and Pissed Off

1024px-SuperShuttle_airport_transfer_ParisYesterday I traveled to Atlanta to attend a “Psychic Sales Symposium by Dave Dee, a world renowned sales and marketing consultant and coach.

It took me 2 hours to fly to Atlanta from Baltimore and about 1 hour just to find a van to get to the hotel. Seriously? One hour?

Absurd! There was no communication in the entire airport that had clear instructions on how to get “the van” to get me to my hotel.

Oh sure, there were information booths where the kind people directed me outside to a booth (no one manning it) and then someone else directed me to another booth inside the airport (no one manning that one either).

I was left to myself to figure it out and after speaking with a half dozen other drivers I found one who took me to my hotel, but not before making three other stops first, all of them in the opposite direction of my hotel…at rush hour, of course!

Pissed Off! Because in a place like the Atlanta airport, probably one of the busiest in the country, why wasn’t it clear on how to get a van to a hotel outside of the downtown area.

Maybe it’s the same with you.

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More updates coming soon.

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