The Reality Is That You Don’t Have To Keep Every Customer!

fredimageThe reality is that you don’t have to keep every customer. You just have to keep those customers that add “happiness” to the center, either with their money, their attitude, their respect and their feelings about your business. You know, the happy ones or the ones you and your staff can make happy.
If you have been doing the right things by them, providing real value, and taking the long view in both training employees, offering irresistible offers, great food and beverage choices and one to one “Cheers” type of customer service, you can keep almost every customer.

Notice I said “almost.” Because there are some people you will never please.  And there are some people who are just down right bullies and blowhards that really DON’T mean well and abuse you and your staff. You know exactly who they are.

Maybe it’s time to let them go! Or even ask them to go. Your center will be better. Your employees happier and they will know that you have their backs, but more importantly, you will be creating a better subliminal atmosphere where the remaining customers will even behave better and, all in all, realize they are having even a better time than before.

But maybe you don’t have to get to this point. Maybe all you need is a simple training module on how to deal with the problem bullies and blowhards before you have to ask them.

I am thinking about adding a module to my “Better Communications. Better Sales”©  program” that can provide you with real world processes we have used before to psychologically influence these “problem” people to either act better or to leave, with NO repercussions for the center, for you or for your employees. In fact your good customers will thank you and whatever revenue you might lose from these “bad” customers, I guarantee you will make even more money from new people and from existing people. Happy people spend more money. Period

What do you think? Would you like to see something like this? Just send me a quick email, and please type YES or NO. Thank You
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