“Woof”, said the Marketing Person

dogSometimes when I speak with potential clients and they ask what I do, they come back at me and say, “so you’re the guy who comes up with the “gimmicks, you know, the new promotions, right.”

“Wrong,” I say. “I’m the guy that finds out what your biggest challenges are, what opportunities you have and understands your business well enough so I am able to gain insights on what needs to be done.”

“So, what do you do, then?” they often ask. “Well, the next step is to set up a series of very specific goals, develop a strategic plan and specific tactical programs to achieve those goals,” I say.

“So you do programs, then, right?”

“Yes, yes, but I never start with the tactic/program. I start with understanding, gaining insight, developing strategies and then get to specifically detailing the tactics.”

Starting with a tactic is like deciding to put red shoe laces into your shoes when you are wearing loafers.  It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t work. And it’s irrelevant!

The point is if your tactics are not aligned with your strategies, you could be wasting money, time and human resources without achieving your goals. And that’s no fun!!

Maybe this process will work better for you:

Step 1. Get a keen understanding of the situation. What are your challenges? What are your obstacles? What are your key issues that can launch or stifle growth?

Step 2. What insights, conclusions have you come to? Test it against other people in the business you respect and trust. Sometimes we are the smartest person in the room, other times not so much.  

Step 3. If your conclusions and insights pass the smell test, then what are you trying to achieve? What is your main goal and, yes while it is to achieve revenue growth, you need to identify where, against what target and in what time period you will achieve $X…and why is $x goal achievable?

Step 4. The strategic plan. What are you going to do? Not the tactics, but the strategy. Here’s an example of a goal, strategy and tactics

Goal: Today is November 22nd  and I live in Albany NY. My goal is to arrive in Las Vegas by November 23, 2017

Strategy: I have various options, but which one meets my goal? Book flight on airplane or take train or drive or take bus or hire a private jet

Based on the strategy I choose (flight on airplane), some of my tactics would be as follows  

Tactics: As follows: print out e ticket, pack bag, drive to airport, park car, go to terminal, go thru security, get on plane, take seat, and buckle up.

Step 5: What tactics support your plan (see aforementioned paragraph)

Step 6: Evaluate your plan. Is it doable, affordable, and realistic?

Step 7: Examine your progress. Don’t expect what you don’t inspect

Step 8: What results did you get?

This is the only way to get it right. If you start at the tactics, you are starting almost at the wrong end of the dog.

Begin at the Beginning

“Woof!” said the marketing coach and consultant. I can help you short cut this process and save you time and money. If the timing is right and I can be of assistance, I can be reached at 516 359 4874.


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