You Might Be Leaving Money On The Table!

“If You’re Not Telling Your Corporate Customers Almost Every Other Day That It’s Not Too Late To Pin Down Their Holiday Party Plans, You Might Be Leaving A Lot of Money On The Table”

Did you know that almost 20% of all company parties are booked from November 1st to almost mid-December…some for January?

Are you vociferously reminding your company party targets that’s it’s not too late for them to book their company party with you. You can use this:

  • As an email
  • Or a Facebook post and then
  • Boost it on Facebook
  • Or buy an ad on Facebook
  • Modify it for twitter
  • Post on your website.
  • Do a funny Youtube video

Here’s an example for you to use it. It’s my Happy Weekend gift to you. I even bought the photo for all to use. It’s from Fotosearch. Check on it, however, before you use it. Or you can use a more holiday kind of image.

Subject line: Are You a Last Minute Louie. It Could Be Costing You Money

do it tomorrow“Hi. Are you a Last minute Louie and still haven’t gotten around to making your company, organization or group’s holiday party plans. A holiday bowling party that is.

Why Bowling? Its America’s #1 pay for play sport. Almost three times as many people bowl as play golf and it never gets rained out or snowed out. And anybody can do it. For more information and to get your party plans rolling, just click here (your landing page link)

Not to worry. (Happy Lanes) can take care of it all and eliminate your stress, and make you the star of the party.

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