5 Why Not Questions I Ask Clients

  • WHY NOT hire only teens and millenniums that have been on a sports team. They’re achievement and goal oriented. They listen to their coach. They have a good work ethic and want to be the best they can be. Most of all they want to win and be a part of a team. Go recruit these people
  • WHY NOT have a bullet proof way to answer birthday party and corporate party inquiries? You can train the whole staff, provide then with FAQ’s and get them to role play or have one person do it providing you can list her cell phone so he/she is available 100% of the time. Sorry, that’s the best way to do it. Other than that have a day time person and a night time person answer the call. List both numbers. Sorry, that’s the second best way to do it
  • WHY NOT train everyone on your staff to be able to match the league offer you have with the demographic they approach, introduce themselves to and ask, “Would you like to hear some information about our exciting programs. (match the program to the most likely demographic)
    • Mom and dad bowling with kids = Adult child have a ball, learn to bowl program; tickets to a local sports team; amazon gift bucks or gift card to any big box store
    • Young adults = Every other week or weekly pizza and beer league or bad bowler league
    • Older adults = Bad bowler league or restaurant.com league
    • Ex league bowler = ‘Mon back league; get a new bowling ball and join people like you
    • Fund raiser people =   Looks like you guys had a whole lotta fun; hey would you like to form a once a month fund raiser league for your group. Pay just $X and your group gets half. Not a lot of time and lots of benefits for your organization. We’ll even help you to get sponsors and tell you about our bolwlathon process which will raise oodles of extra dollars with little or no work for you!
    • Seniors + great exercise and bowling program. Simple exercises and bowling to help you stay fir and enjoy a socially great time
  • WHY NOT a comic night that turns your center into a club 21 atmosphere on Saturday nights after 11pm with special drinks, DJ music, trivia contest and maybe even speed dating fun. Change people on different teams after every game so they can meet new people. Buy an email list of single people in your area 21 to 35. DO NOT tell them that there will be other single people there. You will freak them out and ask “how did you know I was single and probably  think you invaded their privacy
  • WHY NOT have a Humane Society league that targets pet owners? Work with your local ASPCA, Humane Society or Animal Rescue league. They are always looking to have a fund raiser event. Split the weekly fees 50/50. Winning team members get $25 gift certificate to Pet Smart. Ask Pet Smart to help too.

Are you asking you and your staff enough “Why Not” questions to develop new programs?

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