Why Don’t People Buy What You Offer?

You have been trying to get some new leagues going this mid-season and, well, it just seems that very few things work. You blame the programs; the communication, your staff, and finally yourself for not doing it “right.”

The fact is that only some of these may be true, but probably none of them. There are lots of good people out there who like bowling; they just aren’t seeking what you are offering and in many instances aren’t seeking it at all.

Like you, they want a good outcome, a good experience for their entertainment dollar; they just want to get there in a different way than you do.

The truth is that people don’t know what you know or believe what you believe. And in order to get them to respond to you, you need to offer a relevant offer that matches what they might be seeking. The operative word here is “might” because you never really know for sure.

The only way to do this is to ask.

Here’s how:

Send out a survey using “Survey Monkey” to, let’s say, women in your data base, asking if they would be interested in a have a ball program for their child or children on a weekday night in the summer for (I.e.) $15 per team, bowling two games and getting a ball at the end of 12 weeks.

Those that respond and say “strongly agree” become prospects for the league

Armed with that information, call them on the phone and say:

“Based upon your input from the survey we are going to take your recommendation and go ahead with the program.  Because you were one of the first to send us back the survey, we have reserved a spot for you and your youngster and are calling to confirm your spot. We start Tuesday (date and time). Can I reserve that spot for you now?”

And now you know how to find out relevancy.

My complements.

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