A Word To The Wise

A Word to the Wise

Have you ever heard someone use this expression, “A word to the wise is sufficient.” Well, it seems to me that the wise really don’t need the word. They already have it.

It is those who are unwise who need the word.

You have customers and potential customers that don’t know the story of your center or your story and how you ended up being a bowling proprietor or a general manager or a bowling center mechanic or any other position in the center. These are the unwise that need the “word.”

People want to know about you. By telling your story, you make people wiser about you, your business, and your role in the community; thus, building a relationship with your customers or making an existing relationship stronger.

Tell Your Story, “How I Became An Entrepreneurial Bowling Proprietor.”

And then post it on Facebook with a link to your website which will contain your story in the “about” tab or in the “contact us” tab or the “home tab.”

Try it and then when you’re almost at the end; ask them to send you a message or Facebook reply why they got into their business or profession. That will start a dialogue and a relationship.

Then at the very end of your story, say, “Thanks for reading this, please fill out this coupon and I will send you a $10 of free bowling. It’s my way of inviting you into (center name) to be our guest. So c’mon in and say hi…and get some free bowling too.”

Why should you do this?

  • You will get a new customer who will spend money
  • You will get data base information
  • You will build the foundation of a relationship with a new customer
  • You will build your customer base on a social relationship basis; not just on a one time offer that says, “Come and buy from me so I can make money.”

What do you think?

P.S. “A word to the wise.” You are going to need to put a coupon in the end of the story that people can fill out and send back to you. You will then need an auto responder that sends them the coupon.  If you aren’t set up to do this, please find someone who can help you in your community. It is not expensive and it will be a long term investment that will pay you back multiple times over. Promise.

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