A Reader Speaks

A Reader Speaks

Lew Sims the proprietor of Dynasty Lanes knows a thing or two about bowling.  His center is a successful one because of his management style and because he “stays ahead of the curve.”  He sent me an email responding to my most recent blog.

New comment on your post “I Was Recently Invited to a Wedding…”
Author: Lewis Sims / Dynasty Lanes (IP address:, cpe-24-29-224-122.neo.res.rr.com)
“Hi Fred,
Funny you asked about “Through the customers eyes” question.  Makes a lot of sense.
The difference of doing and not doing this can result in never seeing a guest again or making a lifetime customer out of them.  I just addressed this (again) last week with our staff.
The problem is that this generation of employee may have never experienced great customer service.  If the only restaurants they ever visited is McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Subway and if the only grocery store they have visited is Meyer’s at midnight or they do all their purchasing on-line they may not know what to do even if they are trying.  You just can’t tell them to provide great customer service you must show them how.
We need to take the extra time, one on one or at staff meetings to role play with them to make sure that if a customer comes in with small children the staff members will suggest bumpers, offer light weight balls, tell them about ball ramps, the Kids Bowl Free program, go over things the guest may like in order to bring them back for future visits…
The same holds true for other types of bowlers, bar patrons and guest ordering food.  Creating a relationship of trust always goes a long way.
If we do these simple but time consuming things it will always pay big dividends.
As always, thanks for your marketing and management insights.
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