I Was Recently Invited To A Wedding…

I was recently invited to a wedding and found myself in need of a suit.  Considering that the last time I wore a suit was about a bazillion years ago, my wife, who works part time at Lord N Taylor suggested I go there.

I declined her offer because I wanted to find a non-department store men’s store where I could get some personal service.  After much looking, I found one close by.

From the moment I walked in, I knew I was in the right place.  Instead of someone rushing up to me and asking me “can I help you?”  Someone strolled over and casually said, “I see you’re looking at our suits, won’t you please have a chair so we can discuss what you would really like.  “My name is Miles.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.” he said.  I don’t think you have been here before so welcome”.  He asked me my name and after some pleasantries asked me, “Would you like some coffee, soda or wine”?  I opted for the wine which he graciously poured into a wine glass and placed it on a coaster on the table next to the chair.

He ushered me over to this very nice comfy easy chair and he sat to my right in the same kind of chair and asked me about 4 or 5 questions; none of which were threatening?  Was I looking for a regular, modified or slim fit  suit or was I looking for a suit tie, shirt, cufflinks, pocket silk, the whole 9 yards.  I told him I wanted a regular suit, probably in blue or gray or even black; nothing too tight or “twenty somethingish.  When he answered me it was with a “Yes” or an “OK” or “I understand.”

He told me to stay where I was and he would be right back with a few choices that I thought I might like.  Within minutes, he came back with four choices, a nice black one, two shades of blue and soft gray.  I liked them all.  I asked him which one he liked and he said, “because of your complexion and blonde hair (LOL) I would suggest the darker shade of blue with the micro pin stripes.

He had gotten my trust and so I tried it on and it was comfortable, fit well and didn’t need a lot of alterations

When I looked at the price I was surprised to find that it was competitive with the department store prices.  I bought the suit and walked out and as I left I thought, “Wow, that was a great buying experience.  I’m definitely going back there.”

When I pick up the suit after the alterations are done I’m going to ask how he developed that sales process.

But I think I know why.  

He looked at the buying experience from the consumer’s view point and really figured out what kind of buying experience the customer would want…and he nailed it.  At least for me.

Do you do that?  What if you did?  

How could you make the bowling experience more of a “Wow” than it currently is?

Just a thought for today 

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  1. Fred,

    Funny you asked about “Through the customers eyes” question. The difference of doing and not doing this can result in never seeing a guest again or making a lifetime customer out of them. I just addressed this (again)last week with our staff.

    The problem is that this generation of employee may have never experienced great customer service. If the only restaurants they ever visited is McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Subway and if the only grocery store they have visited is Meyer’s at midnight or they do all their purchasing on-line they may not know what to do even if they are trying. You just can tell them to provide great customer service you must show them how.

    We need to take the extra time, one on one or at staff meetings to role play with them to make sure that if a customer comes in with small children the staff members will suggest bumpers, offer light weight balls, tell them about ball ramps, the Kids Bowl Free program, go over things the guest make like in order to bring them back for future visits……

    The same holds true for other types of bowlers, bar patrons and guest ordering food. Creating a relationship of trust always goes a long way.

    If we do these simple but time consuming things it will always pay big dividends.

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