How to Make an Appealing Offer to Your Customers

Ever try to feed your toddler or grand baby food that you think they may like, maybe a Taco Grande. Probably not and probably not realistic to expect them to like it. It’s the kid’s job to eat the food. They’re in charge of getting a forkful of stuff in their mouth, (not necessarily the Taco Grande though) chewing and eating it

But sometimes we get the jobs mixed up; like it’s our job to force them to eat and their job to eat it regardless of what it tastes like

It’s kind of like asking for a sale. It’s your job to create an attractive offer and it’s their job to say yes or no. Ever notice the language a customer uses when he is feeling pressured to buy. They’ll say things like “being crammed down my throat,” or “I can’t swallow that.”

When you try to sell somebody something they don’t want only three things will happen:

  1. It won’t work and fail miserably
  2. You’ll get complaints and returns “barfed up.”
  3. Prospects can run away faster than toddlers…and they will

Instead here are four elements of an appealing offer:

  1. MAKE IT NUTRITIOUS. Is the offer beneficial to the customer. Does it solve a problem? Make something more convenient? Ease his pain? Or increase her pleasure? If your product meets any one of these criteria, you have a good chance of making the sale and, of course, the more criteria you meet, the greater your chance of making the sale increases.
  2. MAKE IT TASTE GOOD. Ever try to feed you kid broccoli. I kind of like it, but my granddaughter think its “gross.” So much for broccoli. Different markets want different things. It’s much easier to sell something that people WANT rather than something they NEED. So you can do one of two things
    1. Find a customer who loves broccoli and sell it to them. Certainly, they are out there or
    2. Make a delicious smoothie that has the vitamins and minerals of broccoli but doesn’t taste like it. Note: sell the delicious taste and close by telling them how healthy and good they will feel after they drink it.
  3. OFFER WHAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY WANT IT. Strawberries in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter. Makes sense that way, rather than vice versa, right? Make sure your offer lines up what your prospect is looking for today, not tomorrow or yesterday but “right now.”  MY grandson may like ice cream in the summer when he’s playing outside, but not so much when he is outside in a cold Boston winter.
  4. KEEP IT FRESH. There is a time when dinner gets pulled off the table. “Hey kids, if you don’t eat this in ½ hour, it’s gone, no more food for the night, OK?” Makes the food a lot more attractive if they know its either the food or NO food. So make sure you’re offer has a timeline. “Buy this offer by date and time) and you’ll get a second one for half price. It has all the same qualities of fresh, but also adds a sense of urgency.

Remember it’s your job to cook up delicious tasty offers for different markets and then even add a little more spice to it such as guarantees, and additional bonus, chances to win prizes and rebates. And when they buy now, they will receive bounce back coupons on another deal the next time they come in.

Time to get to it, especially with Autumn rolling in.

Soup’s on!

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