And They’re Off

For most proprietors the league season will kick off this week, if it hasn’t kicked off already.

No doubt, you will be busy with rosters, banking, schedules, make up policies and tweaking some lane conditions to make it the best it can be. Your competitors will be doing the same

You will also be filling in holes trying to add a bowler or bowlers to a league, trying to add a team or two and building your leagues up to the strength it was last year or even greater.  Your competitors will be doing the same.

And soon October will be here and you will be looking at new leagues to start, perhaps of a short season nature or bringing back the leagues you had last year  that started in October.  You competitors will be doing the same

In a challenging marketplace, it is always tempting to align yourself with what your competitors are doing and either mimic them (not all bad) or try to improve the basic premise (not all bad either).

But if you really want to win and keep customers for the future, you will HAVE to do some things that your competitors won’t do are unaware that they should be doing.

I could stop right here and let you ponder this last statement for a while, but I’m not going to do that.  Instead, I am going to leave you with an idea or two…to at least think about.

Following are some “different things” you could do; they may appear “off the wall to you at first”, but remember that’s’ exactly how new concepts start and bloom.  Just imagine the first time Henry Ford started to talk about an “assembly line” to his staff.  Yikes!

You start as far out as possible then bring it back to what you can currently and effectively implement that will make your customers say “Wow.”

  • Expand your league bowler benefit package to include valet parking for the person in each league who achieves (I.e.) high average, most pins over average, high series, etc.
  • Reserved parking spots in front of building for Birthday party Moms (or Dads)
  • Random round of drinks for a league (when you feel like it)
  • Buy lottery tickets for a league one week
  • Pick a name out of a hat and have someone’s car detailed
  • Host a senior meet n greet with a free buffet lunch…might get some new bowlers out of it. At worst, you will do a good deed and help some hungry seniors which could enhance your community image
  • Sponsor a high school football night on a Friday night and give away $50 or $100 in free bowling to a few lucky HS students.  Charge the students $5 after the football game for all you can bowl. C’mon, its only one night and you could create a habit out of it for the other Friday nights of the High School season

I am offering these as examples only.  You see it’s hard to think of things like this because it’s easier to keep step then go the extra mile

And that’s exactly why you should be thinking about these kinds of things

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