Getting Our Priorities Straight

Now that your leagues are starting to settle down, there are two priorities I try to emphasize. One is new short season October leagues and the second is holiday parties.

For short season leagues, I go back to last year’s October start up and contact the folks that started to bowl then and then I add one new league: one new idea that I have the resources to make successful such as: the right target audience’s addresses, phones, and emails. Second, I try to find an offer that is compelling and one that the audience can relate to. It may be a vacation, a shopping spree or an Amazon gift card or a gift certificate which youkan get from Kids Bowl Free

The second priority is holiday parties. Try to go back to last year’s parties and getting them to agree to another party at the center and then sending postcards to companies in my 5 mile radius to HR person or owner) with 15 plus employees. I follow up the postcard with phone calls inviting the new contacts into the center. If they read the postcard, take my call and come into the center, I have a 75% chance of closing them. Why? Because I qualified them THREE times. Just make sure you are speaking to the decision maker and not an assistant!

If you work on these two priorities, you will see more revenue than last year and be a happy camper

But what will really make you a happy camper is to get involved with “November is BVL Month IN America campaign. Centers that have done fundraising for BVL not only raise needed monies to help our disabled vets, but also get a bump in open play, a closer tie to the community and a whole bunch of thank yous from their customers. For more information about BVL, please contact Mary Harrar at BVL She has all the information you need to implement “a done for you league or open play program. Please contact her

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