Make a Compelling Offer to Get More Holiday Party Revenue

Over the years, our company has helped hundreds of proprietors; more effectively and efficiently, market their company parties. I think there are three types of holiday marketing programs that proprietors do. Here they are.

  1. Very Aggressive: Here’s what they do. Direct mail, email, phone calls to last year’s party participants and new party prospects. Inviting prospects for “tours” of the center. Hosting open houses for HR people, party planners and chamber of commerce members. Utilizes social media (web site changes, Facebook, email and Youtube videos) to tell stories about the unique venue his center represents and why the company party prospect will feel safe and secure when choosing his center as their party venue. They also offer special gifts, deals or prizes for people who have parties with them.
  2. Somewhat Aggressive: Here’s what they do. Sends out email or Facebook posts to tell and sell his program. Contacts the Chamber of Commerce; speak to some people in the center that they know. Produce a flyer, but it mainly stays in center. Maybe does some telemarketing to companies and hires, without a clear cut sales process, someone to cold call sell?
  3. Apathetic: Here’s what they do .Wait for the phone to ring. Produce a simple flyer showing food options. Maybe puts information on website. Sends out a few email blasts. Speaks to some friends, or people he knows at companies in the area

If You Are Not In Category #1, You Are NOT Maximizing Your Revenue Opportunity!

However; if you want to achieve higher revenue productivity, here are five proven offers you can make to your prospects to book a holiday party with your center.

  1. Offer every person in the party a $XX gift certificate to come back and bowl with their friends and family. Explain the value.
  2. Give everyone, in the party, an opportunity to win a $100 ITunes or Amazon gift certificates. Explain the Value.
  3. Give them a FREE extra half hour “to party” if they bring XX # of people. Explain the value.
  4. Offer FREE desserts or set up a FREE ice cream bar if they bring #xx of people to the party. (I.e. for parties of 25 or more). Explain the value.
  5. Offer them 50% off a “Christmas in July” party when they bring #XX of people. Explain the value.

Good Luck for the Holiday Season!

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