Are You Ready To Gobble Up More Profits During This Thanksgiving Weekend?

So it’s about 10 days to Thanksgiving weekend and I hope you have your marketing plans set for the four day weekend, but if you don’t, here are just a few ideas.

  1. Wednesday night, before Thanksgiving Day, is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. Can you find a way to tie in your cosmic bowl and make it “bowl for $XX and include your choice of a beverage”.  “It’s Glow Bowl N’ 1st Beverage Included Time” Remember you are selling the beverage in the price, (not giving it away free, which is illegal in many states) so you will have to take a fixed dollar amount out (i.e. 4.00) and put it in your booze draw.  Limit the drinks to domestic beer, wine, well liquor, soda and coffee. Everyone who signs up gets a small red movie theatre ticket and you control it by counting the tickets turned in vs the number of $4 rings you did.  You can also control it by tearing the ticket in half and keeping one half at the front desk and the other half at the bar.  They should match!!
  2. If you are open Thanksgiving morning or after 4pm Thanksgiving afternoon and evenings as lots of centers are, you can try these two promos.
    1. Morning pancake breakfast, two games of bowling, shoe rentals , coffee and donuts for $XX
    2. Afternoon or evening 2 hours of bowling for $10. Up to you whether to charge for shoes or not
  3. Family Bowling Memory days all day Saturday and Sunday.  Bowl for 90 minutes for $X per lane and then add another half hour for $10.  Give $5 back to BVL.  Make sure you work the numbers so you are giving back the customers money.  Example. You are currently charging $49 for 2 hours of bowling and shoe rental.  You are now going to charge $45 for 90 minutes of bowling and shoes.  If customer wants another half hour, you will charge $10, thus getting a total of $55 AND GIVING $5 BACK TO BVL.  You still net $50!!
  4. $10 Thank You Thanksgiving Coupon.  Get $10 off bowling only when you and your party spend $50 or more anytime on Sunday from 4pm to close.
  5. While this one isn’t necessarily a promotion, it would be cool to serve homeless veterans in your town a Thanksgiving meal and get some of your bowlers to help serve it. Try to get the local media to cover it, thus helping to cement your relationship in the town with customers and prospects as someone who gives back and someone they can TRUST!

Of course all of these offers will have to be promoted using digital media such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.  Make changes to your website and coordinate with the local VA hospitals about serving Thanksgiving dinners to homeless Vets

If you can buy local cable TV during Thanksgiving Day football games at a good cpm, (cost per thousand impressions) do it.  Lots of eyeballs on TV that day. 

  • The Wednesday night program should be promoted on Facebook and instagram and boosted to the millennials, 21 to 35 year olds, as a pre-thanksgiving bowling experience filled with lights, music and special door prizes.  Serval people will get special prizes, maybe even a free turkey!!
Feel free to call me if I can help in anyway, 516 359 4874
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