How To Raise Prices and Have Your Customers Thank You

Giving Tuesday was started by the 92nd street YMCA in Manhattan NY along with the United Nations Foundation in 2012 as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday).  Projections of sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are expected to exceed $10 billion in sales.
Last year Giving Tuesday collected $274 million or about 2.7% of all projected consumer spending this year.
With the start of the fall winter holiday season, you’re probably getting into the swing of higher lineage and hopefully reexamining your pricing and promotions.
I usually like to increase price just before the Thanksgiving holiday, but I if you haven’t done it by now, look at slight increases in the next few weeks, but certainly before the school Christmas break. 
I don’t want to come off as a greedy scrooge here, but I have studied this for many years and this period of time is the least likely time for people to push back on prices. Seems as if everyone is in a giving mood…and you can be as well.
When you increase your price and raise money for charitable causes at the same time, you are psychologically letting the consumer know that your center is giving back to the community while also helping your center’s bottom line and contributing to your pool of capital for further investments into the business so you can stay competitive
Start with Giving Tuesday RIGHT NOW.  Start with BVL.
Here’s all you do; 
Just 4 Quick Steps That Will Take You Less Than Two Minutes
  1. Just click on this link
  2. When the page opens click on “create a fundraiser”
  3. When the new page opens, just click on select nonprofit and then on the next page type in BVL or Bowling to Veterans Link and complete the rest of the information.  We suggest you put $500 +in the amount you want to raise and then hit “publish”
And as the last step, please invite all of your Facebook friends, not only to donate, but to share the BVL post with their friends

Now… change your Prices!
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