Not Everyone Is Staying At Grandma’s House

We are about two weeks away from Christmas day and probably less than a week away from when the school children get out for winter recess.  College students will probably be home today or tomorrow

Recent studies have indicated that with gasoline prices down, more people will be traveling more than ever before. 

The AAA Auto Club, in its annual forecast for Christmas and New Year’s holiday travel, says 107.3 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home over the period, with more than 90% of them driving to their destinations.  Overall, travel is expected to be a 3.1% increase from the 104.2 U.S. travelers for the winter holidays last year.

Not all of them will be staying at Grandma’s house.  Many will be staying at hotels and motels, 

Many centers tell me they are packed during the last 10 days of the year.

Please don’t assume that you are “packed” all the time. You are not.  Too many Christmas and office parties, dinners, company, brunches and other competition takes away from bowling as an entertainment option.

I have studied this “packed assumption” for many years with some very good operators and candidly, the MOST busy they are (over a course of 16 hours) (9am to 1am) is about 70% to 75% full.  In essence your lanes are empty 25% to 30%% of the time even on the busiest days!! 

Here’s an example.  If you were 100% full for these 16 hours, you would do (I.e.) 4 games an hour x 16 hours = 64 games x (I.e. 24 lanes) = 1536 games.  Is anybody doing this?

If not, you might want to at least plant the seed of going bowling with those people who are staying at hotels and motels, 

Go visit your local motels and hotels and ask them if you can place an “Instant Party pack” in their “Travel and Tourism rack. Yeah, it might cost you, but who’s better at negotiating a “free bowling party” at your center than you for this action

Better yet, ask the hotel to place it in each guest room. The instant party pack gives each guest (up to 5 people), their 1st game free (or 50% off).  Or gives them the second hour of bowling at 50% off or a free Pizza (or $5 off) if they bring 5 people on one lane.

These are all proven offers and you can choose any one of them, modify them or choose none of them.  That’s up to you. But it’s an opportunity to capture more revenue; perhaps during hours where you might be slower and not maximized. 

Here’s wishing you a Maximus Festivus Christmas holiday

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