You’ll Be Unhappy If You Miss This

You know and I know that summer is coming and we have spoken about the different strategies you can employ to ensure a profitable summer.

Maybe you have chosen one of those strategies and are pursuing it with structured discipline.

Maybe you are not.

So here is another idea to generate some revenue for you. I know some of you will jump on it…and some will blow it off, That’s Ok. All I can do is bring it to you.

  1. An indoor picnic. It is really a company party and the strategy is to play down the company picnic by saying, “Gee its fun, but here’s all the things that can happen…and none of them are good!”
    1. It can get rained out
    2. Ol’ Charlie can break his ankle playing softball or pull a muscle and somebody will have to take him to the hospital
    3. Someone will be assigned to cooking and serving food, unless the boss hires someone to do it; doubtful if it’s a small company
    4. Mosquito bites and other insect bites (bees, wasps, etc.) can cause unwanted reactions
    5. Too much beer in the sun makes people do funny things and the danger of heat strokes is all too real
  2. But if they’re bowling
    1. No rain outs
    2. Always air-conditioned comfort; no heat strokes here.
    3. Food is always hot and served by someone not in the company
    4. Special game (baker format) can be played that gets everyone involved in bowling on a team for one game
    5. Trained bartenders know when enough is enough
    6. Charlie isn’t going to break his ankle going for a pop fly and putting his foot in a hole
    7. Ain’t no mosquitoes, wasps or bees in here!!
    8. Everybody can bowl and no need to bring bats, balls, gloves, catchers’ mitts, bases, plates or coolers with beverages
  3. Here’s how to do it
    1. Send out an oversize postcard 5” x 8” with a great headline and a call to action, listing benefits of bowling indoors vs picnics.
    2. Follow up phone calls (invite decision maker into center to sample your picnic food).
      1. Remember presentation is 80% of the food experience.
      2. Smell, see and taste!
    3. Close ratio should be 75% if decision maker comes in
    4. Be provocative on Facebook and email.
      1. Explain the experience of an indoor picnic
      2. Here’s one graphic you could use: It’s a picture of Ol Charlie with his foot wrapped in an Ace bandage up on a chair with a caption: I shoulda listened to the folks at the bowling alley and had an indoor picnic. Next year it’ll be different.”

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