Here’s Why Chick-Fil-A Is The No Problem Fast Food Restaurant

Chick Filet is the leading fast food restaurant with average sales per store of about $4 million dollars and that’s with being closed on SUNDAYS.

So how do they do it?

How do they beat McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and Arby’s; all established brands that advertise, digitalize and bombard the market with their message?

As I have always said, “In the 21st century, a great product is your marketing”. 

Think Apple.  Think Samsung.  Think Honda, Think Rolex.  I’m sure you can think of several others.

All are memorable brands that mean something to the user.

Chick Filet, like Apple has a great product; uses high quality ingredients and serves it up flawlessly.  (Remember; the product is the marketing)

More importantly, Chick Filet people are purposely trained on delivering the product to the customer in a friendly and gracious way and they focus on these three elements.

  1. Always smile and look the customer right in the eyes.
  2. Always say “Please”.
  3. Always say Thank You and You’re Welcome

If employees say “No Problem” (instead of you’re welcome), they are given a warning.  Three of these “no problem” warnings and its bye, bye American pie for that employee.

How much would it change their attitude about serving people? 

How much would your business grow if your employees were focused on saying Please, Thank You and You’re Welcome? 

Think about it. 

About Fred Kaplowitz
Marketing is in my DNA. I love to solve problems and meet challenges head on and I have successfully produced results for hundreds of clients. I love what I do and love helping to make my clients more successful and happier. I am a husband and father, consultant, a coach, a teacher, a motivator, a copy- writer, and a speaker. I look forward to working with anyone searching for a proven methodology out of mediocrity. May I assist you in taking your business to the next level. Please call me now @ 516 359 4874 to review your business goals and strategies.

2 Comments on Here’s Why Chick-Fil-A Is The No Problem Fast Food Restaurant

  1. I LOVE this article Fred. The “no problem” thing drives me crazy. I’ve blogged about this very thing. I don’t care if it’s my age that makes “no problem” a “problem” for me! I hate it. Good for Chick Filet! Please, thank you, and “my pleasure” make a difference!

    • Thanks Beth. I know YOU k is how important these words are to the whole customer experience. Isn’t what appreciation of the customer what it is all about. I like to ask my clients and people that I train, “How would you talk to your Grandma?” Would you teLyy day “ No problem, Grandma.” Thank you for your feedback, Beth.

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