Got Milk?

Dean Foods Co, the biggest U.S. milk company filed for bankruptcy the other day, a fresh setback to a U.S. dairy industry struggling against declining milk consumption and rising competition.

As consumers moved away from traditional cows’ milk and consumers tastes moved toward bottled water, fruit juices and milk alternatives, Dean struggled as grocery stores pushed low price store brands and, in some cases, built their own milk plants, further reducing their reliance on Dean Foods.

The company, which dates back to 1925, has over 60 dairy processing plants in 29 states and also supplies restaurants, schools and sells ice cream and creamers

So what happened?

Despite a multimillion dollar multiyear campaign to raise consumers’ awareness about the benefits of drinking milk, sales of cows’ milk dropped 40% since 1975. 

Their “top of mind awareness” program just could not overcome changing consumer tastes and movement towards milk alternatives such as soy and almond based milk alternatives?

Does this mean that “top of mind awareness” programs are not effective?  Not at all.

Certainly the work that Strike Ten does on behalf of the industry – Macy’s day parade, NASCAR, and other major sponsorship events – has given bowling a stronger presence in consumers’ minds than ever before.

Adding to this top of mind awareness, proprietors like us have gotten more engaged in social media and have been sending out more communication than ever; sometimes we send it out too many and sometimes too few.

What we often miss is timing our emails and face book posts to go out during some of the aforementioned special times so we can get greater awareness…and drive more traffic.

Look at your face book posting and emailing schedule. Are your posts “action oriented?” Does your message ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIFIC AND COMPELLING OFFER?

When applicable, are you taking advantage of these special events (such as the Macy’s Day parade, NASCAR, National Bowling Day, Veterans Day and other special days) so your offer can coincide with them? 

The combination of awareness PLUS an offer is a powerful combination, much more powerful than either element by itself.

To get more bang for your buck, remember it isn’t just a “Got Milk?” awareness campaign, it’s your local offer timed to hit exactly when these national events present you with the opportunity.

Just sayin.

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