The Dark Side Of The Moon

As many of you know, not only do I consult to bowling proprietors, but I also am the marketing guy for BVL. So this blog is about marketing and BVL. It’s a good combination for your business. Here’s why.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a sick friend in Florida, an old college buddy who is fighting the good fight against a difficult illness. 

After a few days, we were able to get him out of the house and drove him to a preseason baseball game. I knew he couldn’t stay for long so we decided that whenever he felt that he had enough, we would go.

We got him a space in the wheelchair area next to a bunch of other wheel chair people. I started talking with them and introduced my friend to them and then we got into “what happened to them.”  The vast majority of them were wounded in the various wars we have had in the Middle East and some were from Viet Nam. 

All were there with someone in their family…the grand children got the biggest smiles. I told them about BVL and what I do and that BVL had been around since 1942. Some of them heard about what we do but they didn’t know that we were in our 77th year of existence. 

They seemed happy to learn what the bowling industry has done and is doing for disabled and active vets. All of them, admitted to liking bowling and then, good naturedly, teased each other about their bowling scores.

As I looked at them, sitting in a group, I was struck by an overwhelming emotion about the “devastation of war” and the famous saying attributed to General Patton – “War is Hell.”

I couldn’t even fathom what these guys went through from their injury date to today, sitting in their wheel chairs with their families around them. 

The visual of these people, lined up in a row, who fought for our freedom, and left part of themselves on the battlefield, was too much for me. Maybe I was just too vulnerable due to the combination of my sick friend and these amazing wheel chair bound people that I had to excuse myself, find a corner and just let my tears go.

A little while later, I got myself together and gathered up my friend and his wife to see how they were doing.  It was already the 3rd inning and I could sense that he was beat.

The visual of these guys stayed with me all night and it added just one more sleepless night to my life. About 3am, I got my computer out and started to write this blog. It took me longer to finish than I expected.

As the marketing guy for BVL, I should have taken a few pictures of this group and I kicked myself for not doing so, but deep down I really didn’t want to impose or make them feel uncomfortable. Maybe I should have. Then you would have seen what I saw.

Bravery. Courage. Pride. Honor. Brotherhood. Purpose.

And with the help of the VA, and BVL they were provided with a myriad of recreational services to get them through their long hours of rehab, and make their lives brighter.

Won’t you help us continue to provide services to our gallant heroes? Just contributing your first shoe rental income of the day for a month or two or conducting a fundraiser in May could be so meaningful to our veterans.

No doubt it will be meaningful to your business, especially when your community realizes what you are doing for our heroes. I am sure they will come back again and again to patronize your business because of your generosity.  

But Don’t Take My Word for It. Try It. Your Customers Will Love You for It.

I’ll do anything to help you run a successful fund raiser. Want me to send you information? Done. Want me to get you flyers, email content or face book posts?Done. Need special materials like wristbands, dog tags or paper bowling pin recognition forms. Done.

Yes, I know you don’t have the time. I know it’s not on your top ten to do list. I know there are other things you have to do. I know because, like you, I’m a proprietor too!

Just call me at 516 359 4874 or email me at . It’s my cell phone and email. I’m here 24/7 to help you Brighten Veterans Lives.

For more information about BVL, please visit us at or call or email our amazing Executive Director, Mary Harrar at 703.934.6039 or email her at
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