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Have You Been Running at Half Speed During the Covid 19 Lockdown?
By Siimon Reynolds

It’s very understandable of course.

The whole event was so left field, so unexpected, that so many proprietors felt quite powerless during it.

But now that bowling centers and FECs are slowly moving out of full lockdown mode, it is absolutely vital that you play the next few months at full speed.

If you act fast and play hard, you should be able to grow your business during this next recovery period.

Here are my suggested immediate steps:

1. Psych up your team and your suppliers.

Let them know that now is the time to raise their standards and start working with intense velocity. Companies that perform well in the next 90 days can take major business from competitors that are slow to gear up. The fast will eat the slow in the next 3 months.

Push the people around you, cajole them, inspire them, wake them up and let them know that you are back and intend to play with full velocity.

2. Unleash a communication tornado on your current clients and old leads.

Tell them often what you’ve got planned for the rest of this year, how you can help them and why they need to act now if they want to get back to Excellent. Communicate, and reinforce, your message and plans frequently with your staff is crucial

The companies that communicate most with their email list, community, customers and prospects are much more likely to get on the shortlist for any imminent business opportunities. Don’t be surprised if your holiday season is a good one if you can get back to 100% and market effectively to your past customers who know you and trust you.

3. Create a series of 30 day task sprints.

Think of 3 things you can do that will really advance your business, but don’t give yourself more than 30 days to get them done. Right now in this chaotic environment there’s no time to do everything perfectly- just try stuff, get stuff out, then observe if it’s working and only then finesse it. ‘Lightning Action’ should be your mantra right now.

4. Expect things to be messy and be fine with that.

Don’t moan about what’s still wrong about the post lock down world. Look for what’s great about it and take advantage of it.

We may have more months of uncertainty, reduced lockdown and tension in the community. So be it. Your mission is not to complain about your current circumstance, it is to perform superbly in spite of them.

Finally, remember that there is a very fine line between stress and excitement. Make the choice to see this time as exciting, and act with positive energy.

The wildest winds are often the most fun.

Siimon Reynolds is one of the world’s leading business mentors. Founder of a $500 million company and winner of over 50 industry and business awards and commendations, Siimon coaches CEO’s and entrepreneurs from experience. After nearly 30 years building his own businesses he knows what works.

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