More Important Than Ever: Average Revenue per Game

Centers are starting to open up and are doing so with great alacrity and innovativeness. I always said that bowling proprietors are some of the most ingenious people I know who are consistently good at developing new ways to engage customers. 

Of course, some do it better than others, but all of you do it. And now that the virus has somewhat subsidized and we are beginning to open I see more programs than ever. Not necessarily new ones, but spins on pricing, packaging, unbundling and more concentration on revenue per game.

Collectively, we have habitually concentrated on average price per game, but now within this “brave new world”, we need to look at how much revenue each game can bring in because the limits to our lane usage will be at best 50% (at least for now).

So if you charge $3 bucks per game or $X per hour, you need to consider how much food and beverage you can sell to increase that average price per game.

Here’s an example. A center that did $1,200,000 in TOTAL revenue (bowling, food, beverage, bar, arcade games, vending –everything) last year and sold 180,000 total paid games had an average revenue per game of $6.66. The center’s average bowling price however was $3.89. Each game, therefore; contributed $2.77 in “other income.”

Now suppose you could increase your average revenue per game by a modest 3%. Or 20 cents. That would increase your Average Revenue per Game from $6.66 to $6.86. Multiply 20 cents by 180,000 games. This increases your revenue by $36,000 with a lot of it falling to the bottom line.

Work your creativity, your ingenuity and your entrepreneurial spirit to improve your average revenue per game. 

The results will take care of themselves.

If I can help kick start your creativity or provide you with some idea starters, please give me a jingle (516) 359-4874. No charge.

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