Everything Old Is New Again

Are you struggling to floor new leagues or “frequency programs” as I like to call them?

There exists a segment of people, although I can’t tell you how large it is – but I think pretty substantial- as we all know who are interested in one stop shopping; interested, especially in Covid 19 times, to avoid as much human contact as they can stand. 

Perhaps that’s why, in addition to limited capacity requirements, we see people who do go to the big box stores, only go to one store and not two. Off they go to Costco, but not Walmart. 

My point is to appeal to this one stop shopping mentality

How do you do that Mr. Smartie, you are probably asking, eh?

Candidly, you already know the answer. Package up food and beverage with bowling. 

There’s one Midwest proprietor we know who owns 4 centers and floored 1000 league bowlers into a 16 – week program, across his chain, using this great package. 

And the surprise is he spent less than $100 per center achieving this. It even works in an open play format too!

Give me a buzz at 516 359 4874 and I’ll be happy to share how he did it. 

Cool, isn’t it?

It’s an old concept, with a slightly new twist. Now you can make it your own.
Just call me and I’ll let you in on this secret

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