Is Email Marketing Dead?

I have been in a lot of discussions with clients asking me about which social media outlet is best and how can they be most effective in using them.

While there are at least 100 different outlets out there, I like to stick with the two big guys, Google and Facebook.

When I speak about email, I hear all kinds of pushback about how e-mail is dead.
The experts say that less than 10% are opening your email; Ok, find out who those 10% are and which emails they are responding too. 

If you blast your entire list about cosmic bowl and only 10% open that email, then isolate those people who responded to your cosmic email for future cosmic bowling emails. 

Do the same with other emails where you are sending out specific offers. You may end up with a half dozen emails lists, but your open rate on specific offers to them will be so much higher…especially if you enclose a “compelling offer”.

Fred rule #1: Right message to right audience at right time = more open rates = more traffic = more profits
Let me just hit you with some facts about e mail from the DMA*
  • In 2019 there were 5.6 billion active email accounts – about 3/4s of the world’s population (7.65 billion people)
  • 99% of them check their emails every day
  • 66% of those checking their email eventually bought a product
  • 72% of people prefer to get an email from a business rather than any other form of digital media
  • According to the direct marketing association, for every dollar you spend using email marketing, the average ROI is $32

Now I’m not saying to ONLY use Gmail. Facebook is equally vital and should be figured into your marketing mix as should other sites, but that’s a different conversation

*The source of all this information is the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 2019

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