Last Minute Shopping

Many basic consumer behaviors had to change in 2020, but it appears one annual tradition has proved exceedingly resilient: last-minute holiday shopping. In fact, as of early December, U.S. shoppers reported they still had 50% of their shopping to do.

So, what’s a bowling center operator to do if he has empty lanes?

Sell Gift Certificates.

Many ways to sell them, but sell them as simply as possible so people understand.  You can make it more complicated if you want or put in all kinds of twists and turns, but trust me; simple is better

Here’s my offer. Four price points.

  • $10 for $10
  • $25 for 20
  • $50 for $40
  • $100 for $85

If they want $75, they’ll pay $60:

I would Never expire these. They do not get any change back. They have to use it all in one experience. If they buy a $25 and a $50, they can use one of them or both of them. Restrictions would be: ”not available for league bowling.” 

If you restrict it on Fridays or Saturday nights, you’ll cut your redemption in half, at least. Remember, these people will eat and drink.

Now of course this offer will have more or less hits depending on the restrictions that your state currently has and how you digitally sell it.

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