A Dream For The Weekend

As we head into another Martin Luther King Weekend, I feel like it is overshadowed by the machinations of our government on the federal level, state level and local level. Not to mention Covid 19 cases, vaccine distribution and implementation, kids still at home going to school, parents still at home going to work and economic issues, as well as PPP reapplication issues.

Seems like everywhere we turn, the negatives outweigh the positives.

Except you and your center can make a difference. 

And flip the balance to your benefit just by reaching out to your community!

Start being positive. Get your employees pumped up. We’re a resilient group of entrepreneurs. We’ve made it through other hard times and we will do it again.

Now communicate with your community,

Utilize your email to talk about the doughnut and not the whole, about all the things we are grateful for and all the things that are good in our lives, families, kids, grandparents, our church, synagogue or mosque or all three, the roofs over our heads, food on the table, laughter, even Zoom calls, Netflix movies, drives in cars, and, of course, bowling.

Then spend a paragraph or two being a cheerleader for your community and inviting them in for a “family safe sanitized and ready to roll Martin Luther King Weekend bowling experience.” Maybe turn the weekend into a fund-raising experience for a food bank or some other charity you are attached to (like BVL).

You don’t have to sell it hard. Just be genuine, authentic and really mean what you say. IF you fake it, you won’t make it.

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