March Into Summer With BVL

This will probably be one of the shortest blogs I have written in a long time, but one of the most important. All of my 1400 readers know my passion for BVL and how important it is to me. No doubt I have spoken to many of you asking for donations, asking you to do fund raisers and as centers were starting to open in May and June, just calling and seeing if BVL can do anything to help.

BVL is continuing its commitment to help bowling centers improve their business so your customers can help BVL. Throughout March, we will be introducing four promotional programs – 2 league and 2 open play – each designed to bring bowlers into your centers now and through the summer in nontraditional ways! 

No, the programs and the flyers aren’t brand new; they don’t have to be since 95% of your market has probably never seen them, but they are eye catching, colorful and can be customized for your center by changing days, dates, times, prices, number of people on a lane, number on a team, number of weeks, and any other variable you can think of with a few clicks on your keyboard!!

We even included a short how to guide with Email samples, Facebook samples, when to post (days and times), how to boost Facebook posts as well as a three-week implementation schedule. It’s-All-Done-For-You.

Each of the programs will be introduced over a four-week period. The first one is our “BVL Victory for Vets league.” Its an easy to do 8-to-12-week program that will start your summer off earlier than ever.

I could write forever on this program and tell you how EZ and simple it is to do and all those other things I love to talk about, but instead, just click here and read the information about our “March into Summer with BVL” program and then just order one.

Please. You’ll be happy that you did. Your community will love you for it, BVL will be forever grateful as will our wounded Vets and your cash register will welcome its favorite sound…”kaching.” Just click here.

Thank you, in advance, for participating in a “March into Summer with BVL” promotion! We hope that you will have great success.

If you have any questions about this promotion or other marketing ideas for BVL fundraisers, please contact me, the BVL Marketing Consultant at (516) 359-4874 or

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