I know that most of you have run bad bowler leagues or have a ball leagues or adult youth leagues as well as other kinds of affinity leagues.

So, when summer comes and you are looking for a revenue kick, besides rain, why not run a Bad Bowlers Tournament or Have A Ball Tournament  with those people that bowled in those leagues. 

You do Have Their Names and Emails or Phone Numbers, right? The prizes for these “social, but noncompetitive bowlers could be fun prizes like t shirts, stuffed animals, phone chargers, head phones and many other small prizes. Based on what you decide as prize money is what kind and quantity of prizes you will buy.

You can run these tournaments any way you want. These bowlers have very little notion about how tournaments run. Please make sure that you have these kinds of elements in it: 

Several different formats. Each game could be a different game so a bowler has three chances to win something big.

For example, you can run a bowl your average, pins over average, no tap tournament, king of the hill games, baker format or any other types of tournaments or formats you want. 

Just Make It Fun.

  1. Make it fun every frame. Give something away for a strike, spare or converting a split; like monopoly money. Whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins something in each category,
  2. Create an average for these folks or maybe they already have an average, then run a “bowl your average” game as part of the tournament.
  3. If you are going to run an adult child program, make sure that you have kids prizes as well. (Make sure to check with USBC about the rules for junior bowling and not impacting their amateur status).
  4. And finally remember, these people ARE not bowling for money. They are bowling for fun.
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