Five Post Pandemic Predictions That Will Affect Your Business

I’ve spoken with many proprietors in the last month, in my capacity as BVL’s marketing consultant and, for the most part, they are extremely happy that the pandemic, its ensuing regulations, and requirements have let them get back to the center and conduct business…as usual.

Unfortunately, some of them haven’t taken a deep dive into the effects of the pandemic on the new post pandemic consumer shopping habits and the change in how social media is used.

So, I thought I would do it for all 1,400 of us that read my blog since I couldn’t have predicted how 2020 would impact social media. 

In fact, No one could have predicted the impact 2020 would have on the way people use and share social media. 

I did a little research to find out. Here are five (5) conclusions I thought would most likely affect our business. (The sources of this research are to at the end of this blog.)

First the pandemic has reversed the roles of the virtual and personal and even though the pandemic wanes, in person interactions are still difficult. Research tells us that 90% of communication is nonverbal and masks not only muffle our words but hinder our understanding of facial expressions and hinder our ability to detect other people’s feelings.

Thus In-person interactions, whether at work or in stores, have become brief and transactional, while video chatting is now our go-to destination for more meaningful engagement and relationship-building.

How will this affect your business. What kind of strategy can you put in place to have video chats with your customers and even with your prospects? How can you understand people’s feelings better when they are wearing a mask?

Second, McKinsey and Company predicts that three to four times more people will work from home than at pre-COVID levels. With companies taking this kind of approach, they will have to reimagine the workplace experience to cultivate a sense of camaraderie, culture and collaboration.

How will this affect your corporate party marketing this holiday season? Over and above the marketing texts and emails that flooded our inboxes in 2020, we will need to focus on new, creative ways to infuse humanity and connectivity into the virtual experiences they deliver by applying voice, video and even Zoom.

Third, pre pandemic use of social media had devolved into a place to hash out our differences; call each other names and sadly create a decisive role in the polarized nature of society. During the pandemic, “back to social basics” formats such as “Facebook Groups” came to provide a vital link to our local communities and people with shared interests—and in many cases were the only thing keeping people on Facebook at all. Do you have a bowling group that you can galvanize as a Facebook group? Sure, you do; it’s your league bowlers and or open play bowlers or your birthday party Moms and Dads.

Fourth, People are still nervous, and there will be lingering doubts about in-person experiences. What does this mean for bowling proprietors? We will still have to demonstrate and prove that we are safe, sanitized and ready to roll. Don’t take down those signs just yet or put away the hand sanitizers. Contactless journeys such as on-line reservations will be expected along with flexible response mechanisms to people’s inquiries. 

Fifth, more than ever, people will be looking for love and belonging. Our bowling centers are the perfect place for them to “belong” and “connect.” How can you deliver that kind of experience consistently? And finally, people have gotten used to staying home and while some are “dying to get out of the house.” 

Others have found a sense of comfort in their reimagined domicile so your offer will have to be mighty tantalizing to get this segment of consumer to make the journey to your center. People have gotten used to staying home—or at least staying local. Your bowling center experience is going to have to be pretty tantalizing to persuade them to make the journey. What does this mean for us? Be original. Be creative 

Most importantly, be strategic!

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