Want A Guaranteed Way to Get More League Bowlers?

As the pandemic winds down, many of us may find ourselves back in the same “routine” of flooring bowlers. WE will call, solicit them in center, call dropouts, send emails and other social media platforms to generate NEW bowlers. 

But really, we will be shooting in the dark, especially if we do not have a segmented list which provides you with specific demographics so you can target your communications to the market who would be most likely to want your offers.

You might get good results doing it the same old way because of the pent-up demand. If the last 4 or 5 months are any indication of pent-up demand for bowling; September starts should be a block buster.

Here is a guarantee how to make it one for the books.

Step 1:  Select two or three fun and unique league concepts that you believe certain segments might like. Over the summer the 21- to 45-year-old segment has been most receptive. Maybe because they were stuck inside with little kids!!

Step 2: You will need a survey program. I use “Survey Monkey”. It is easy to use; assists you in formatting the questions in a professional format and gives you the ability to select prospective respondents you have selected.

Step 3: You can select your social league bowlers from the last two years, open play bowlers from the last two years, and even dropouts (You can eliminate those people who have already committed to fall leagues). If you can’t think of any new fun leagues, call me and ill give you some ideas FREE!!

Once your concepts are written down, ask them these questions after each league description.

EXAMPLE:  Here’s an 8-week bowling program you might enjoy. It is open to everyone who hasn’t joined a league or quit because they didn’t think they were good enough. Well now you can bowl in your very own BAD BOWLERS league where you don’t have to be good to joining, but want to have fun each week, get your own BAD Bowlers T Shirt and a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card each week or other fun prize.

“How likely do you think would you be to join this FUN (x week) league. (Please check one line only).

  • Very likely            __________________
  • Somewhat likely   __________________
  • Need more information
  • Unlikely  ________________

Ask them to respond ASAP and they will get a $10 gift certificate on $20 of open bowling – a saving of $10.

Everyone who expresses interest (answered very likely or somewhat likely are your high value targets) or who wants more information, PLEASE CALL THEM and say.”

“Hello Ms. Jones, I’m so glad you responded to our Happy Lanes questionnaire. I see that you have a very strong interest in joining our bad bowlers league. Is that right? Great. I’m calling today to reserve a spot in this program for you or if you know some friends that would be interested in it. Now the program starts on day, date and time and the cost is $X per week Doesn’t that’s sound great for so much fun?”

IF Ms. Jones says, “well I’m not sure, you say:

Well how about I email you the flyer right now so you’ll see what I am talking about. We already have several teams signed up already and we wouldn’t want you and your friends to be left out.

If she says OK, sign her right there. IF she still hesitates, say OK, I’ll give you a call back in a few days. Thank you for your time.

And then don’t forget to call her back. LOL.

You can also send them an email first with the flyer and then call. Try it both ways!!

Let me know how it works!!

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