In N Out. It’s Not Just a Burger Joint


If you are like other proprietors, you have spent a fair share of money, (perhaps not recently), getting your brand message out. You email special offers, post special events on Facebook, boost your Facebook posts, and even advertise on Facebook, tweet your center’s point of view, and post videos on Tik Tok and Instagram. In addition, you might even do some old-school advertising on the radio or local TV.

Most of your dollars, in the form of communication, are “outgoing”: with the idea (and sometimes hope) that you are getting a bang for your buck. You may have hired a particular person to conduct your digital marketing, or you may have hired several people. In either case, you have built some additional fixed costs.

But here is the question I ask my clients, “What have you done to bring “incoming ideas” into the center?

The bowling magazines, the industry trade shows, and Bowling University courses provide many new ideas. Is every person in your center getting exposed to these new ideas?

Here are a few ideas to bring in some new ideas:

  • Hold a half-hour video session where everyone is exposed to some other industry’s marketing; it doesn’t have to be in the entertainment industry – it could be any industry. Proctor and Gamble learned their marketing from Alfred Sloan’s GM company when he developed his good, better, and best school of products
  • Have a field trip where you take a few employees at a time to another business in the area; maybe one in the Chamber of Commerce you belong to
  • Ensure that employees watch one lesson of bowling university per month, and for each one they care about, you will provide them an incentive – providing, of course, that they can answer a short quiz.
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