Are You Telling and Selling Joy and Fun Enough?

I celebrated my birthday last weekend with friends I have known for 50 years. Over that time, we spent lots of time going bowling and always had a good time. Because I was the pack leader at the “rally in the alley,” I assumed I always had the most fun. And the most joy.

But at dinner Saturday night, when I mentioned this, they all said, “No, no, we had the most fun.” So, we talked about who had the most fun and told stories about our experiences. We all laughed and finally said, “We all shared the fun, and that’s why it was so joyous.” 

As I sat there and listened to this conversation, it struck me that in all the emails I get from proprietors, all I see are offers for specific bowling programs, whether cosmic bowling, Pizza, Pins, and Pepsi, discounted 3rd hour of bowling, etc.

Where are the emails and Facebook posts about how much fun Joe Jones had at your center? Maybe even a talking head or two? And post that.

I can chase down reviews on Yelp and Google and maybe even find it on your site, but why aren’t you leading with real people talking about the FUN EXPERIENCE they had at your center FIRST and then going into your offer? 

As a marketing guy, I know the importance of leading with a benefit, whether in a headline, subject line, or the first sentence of my posts. And now, I hope you will consider this twist to your communications, too.

Because if fun is the motivating engine, why are you not gassing it up more often?

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