What’s with No Problem?

 It used to be when someone said “Thank You” for something you did; the automatic response was “You’re Welcome”. Now the default phrase is “No Problem.”  This phrase seems to imply that the customer’s issue could have been a big problem, but since you solved it, it is now “No Problem.”

I don’t think, as a customer, that makes me feel great. It implies that my request, my issue, or my inquiry WAS a problem. I don’t want it to be a problem, I want to make you, as the hospitality agent in the bowling center, recognize the issue, and solve it, and when I say thank you, you can say, “You’re welcome” or how about “My pleasure.”

Because if your job is service and you have been trained in service, it should be a “pleasure” to solve it; you should get some satisfaction out of helping a customer to his or her goal.

Quit the “No problem” stuff and recognize that it does nothing, absolutely nothing to communicate to the customer your pleasure in “solving the issue.”

The consequences of the No Problem answer are subtle, but eventually, the customer will, even subliminally, feel, that anything he asks for is a problem and may just stop coming to your center because, after all, who needs to be treated as a problem?

Just sayin’

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