How To Make A Reverse Sales Call

I have been calling bowling proprietors who have conducted BVL fundraisers this past year to determine if they have sent in their monies.

Some have, some haven’t, but some don’t answer the calls or instruct the desk person to do a deep screening of the person asking for them.

Or because they may not have heard of BVL, the person answering the phone tells me that the person will call me back. But they do not.

Why Is That?

Here is what I can discern:

  1. They perceive that they do not have the time for the call.
  2. The call may be someone calling to complain, and they do not want to deal with it.
  3. Someone always tries to sell them something they don’t want or need.
  4. They don’t have a good answer to the questions they know someone might ask and don’t want to deal with the issue.
  5. Or they just don’t feel like it.

I completely understand all these reactions and make no judgments. I have often been in their shoes when I ran 6 or 7 centers.

But I can’t understand why you or I didn’t speak to them until I figured this out.

Reverse The Call

Talk To Everyone!!  Or Train Your Staff to Everyone!! Try to make friends, build rapport, get the person to bowl by offering, him/her free games or one or two hours of bowling for up to X# of people, ask for his/her email, offer him/her a discounted party or a fundraiser, or to join a mini-league. The point is to use this opportunity to create a customer…maybe for life.

You’ve done that your entire bowling career, and as a proprietor, you’re the best at making friends and selling!

Don’t stop now. Take every call when you can and think of it as your chance to play “Dialing for Dollars.”

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