Ken Cobb

Ken Cobb, owner of Oak Hill Lanes in San Antonio, loves the bowling business, especially when it comes to analyzing the numbers. An accountant by trade, Cobb has been involved with Oak Hills Lanes for 30 years.

“I started doing the accounting for Oak Hills Lanes in 1974,” recalls Cobb. “Then I and four other people bought the center in 1985 and I assumed full ownership in 2000.”

With a center management team that’s been in place for over 30 years at the 24 lane establishment, Cobb doesn’t have to get involved with many of the daily tasks, “I only have to deal with the bigger problems and with major decision making. I look forward, every month to the figures and seeing how we compared to the same month in prior years,” Cobb remarks.

Cobb and Oak Hills Lanes became more aggressive in the marketing arena after they remodeled in September, 2000. “We were doing fairly well, but I felt we were not tapping into all the markets available to us,” explains Cobb. “After talking to a few outer proprietors and doing a little homework we I decided to go to an expert several Brunswick reps recommended Kaploe Marketing.”

Oak Hills Lanes has worked with the Kaploe Marketing Group for over a year now and Cobb says it has been a “wonderful relationship.”

Our business has been up every month since we started using Kaploe. They have made the difference,” boasts Cobb.

The numbers have been growing for Ken Cobb and Oak Hills Lanes, but Cobb has noticed a change. “We have been about 50-50 on league to open play for the past few years, but this past January open play lineage was greater than league lineage,” Cobb states.

Ken Cobb enjoys his association with the Kaploe Marketing Group. “I am extremely pleased to be working with Kaploe and would very highly recommend them to anyone,” says Cobb. “Whenever I am asked about some promotion, I tell them I have to check with my marketing guru first,” he adds.

When he is not busy working, Cobb enjoys spending time with his wife of 22 years, Suzanne, their four children and one grandchild.