Marketing Consultant

A kaploe marketing consultant is an individual that manages all of the strategic marketing, employee coaching, promotional, data base and email marketing techniques you need to.

Employ to reach a targeted audience in your market. Kaploe marketing consultants take on the perspective of the customer and consider how a customer thinks and reacts to products and services. Understanding the psychology of the consumer, a kaploe marketing consultant then employs different measures in an effort to sway a targeted audience to want to buy your bowling center’s products and services.

A kaploe marketing consultant is someone who keenly understands the industry, the people who buy your products and services (and those who do not and why they do not) and knows how to approach consumers, what tactics are the most effective, and how to get a consumer’s attention.  We also know about employee malaise and know how to get them involved as well

What should you expect from us? Kaploe marketing consultants provide innovated business solutions to every aspect of marketing; the kaploe marketing consultant is able to quickly identify any problems and provide immediate solutions; we must be capable of data collection and analysis; and we must also be able to successfully foresee the various outcomes of any marketing strategy.

Kaploe marketing consultants have been schooled in the bowling industry and the family entertainment industry from planning to implementation to sales and food and beverage. We expect a lot from ourselves and so should you. What we expect is performance

Whether you engage us to build your business or engage some one else, the kaploe marketing consultant is required to follow up on every marketing action they take and report to you, the owner, the success of their undertakings. In doing so, you will then be able to consider whether or not our marketing efforts are worth the investment you are paying us or if you should implement different strategies.

Why us?

If you are truly serious about your business and want to be the best you can be then you are our kind of client.
Every day for every client we strive for excellence….one bowling center at a time.
We have no magic pills and no secret formulas.
Our kaploe team has a combined 165+ years of marketing experience and hundreds of proprietors will tell you that we are the cutting edge in marketing.