Open Letter from Fred

An Open Letter from Fred Kaplowitz, President the Kaploe Group

Now in our 20th year, the Kaploe marketing Group has served the needs of hundreds of successful proprietors by providing killer marketing strategies to increase our clients business.

Our approach is simple, but highly comprehensive. We start with a comprehensive marketing audit of your business that guides our highly trained professionals to your areas of greatest opportunity for maximizing revenue. At the same time we look at areas where you might be most vulnerable not only from competition, but from what you may be currently doing now.

Whether your business is 1 year old or 51 years old, our professional team can provide you with a no BS marketing and management plan of attack  that will lower your risk, make you more money and give you more time to enjoy life.

Among the elements of our highly successful approach, we work with you to:

  • Whether you are a recreational facility, entertainment complex, family entertainment center or leisure enterprise we will. Pour jet fuel on your marketing efforts while you watch the results take off.
  • Build a strong social media program that is completely turnkey. We do all the work and you get all the rewards. No more having to remember to send out an email, post a Facebook post or use YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. Our “Ten Pin Marketing System©” marketing system will do ALL the work for you.
  • Work with your employees to involve them in this process so you “don’t have to do it all!”
  • Develop programs that target existing customer segments to maximize their visits and per capita expenditures. The days of spray and pray are just too expensive!
  • Create new packaged programs to increase food and beverage dollars
  • Design corporate and fundraising strategies that can be implemented month after month after month with startling results. (How would you like to have a fund raising program that works while you sleep and gets you new customer data every day, 365 days a year.)
  • Develop new pricing strategies to drive your average ticket value up by at least 10%