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The ultimate marketing & management company for your leisure, entertainment or recreation business.

Welcome to the Kaploe Marketing Group

The Kaploe Group understands the challenges facing business owners in today’s quickly changing market place and economy. Founded in 1996, the Kaploe Marketing Group saw a huge void in our industry that needed to be filled and strongly believed that we could assemble the finest marketing team in the industry to fill that need. Fortunately for us, and our new found clients, we were able to assemble that team and successfully fill that need. During these busy years, we have served the needs of hundreds of proprietors by providing professional marketing and management services to individual proprietors, multi-unit operators, national and local BPAA associations, manufacturers and distributors. Whether starting a new business or trying to revive an existing business, our professional team can provide you with a state of the art marketing and management plan of attack that will lower your risk, make you more money and give you more time to enjoy life.

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  • Is The New Marketing Really New?

    A long time ago, maybe in the early 1900s, when NYC was filled with push carts, men and women sold everything from fruits and vegetables to clothes, shoes, dry goods and soaps and much, much more.People bought from the push cart merchants that gave them the best deal. They bought from…

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  • The Choices We Make

    If you do half assed work and put out just an ok product, a few people –  who are always looking for the cheapest deal – will get on board and agree saying, “It’s OK, let’s try it but we don’t expect very much. Most won’t even try and say” That’s really…

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  • Square Peg In A Round Hole? There Is A Difference

    I was working with a couple of centers this past week. One a newer client, and another one, a client I have served for several years.The newer manager was excited about working with us as were we in working with him and his center. For the last several meetings he…

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