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The ultimate marketing & management company for your leisure, entertainment or recreation business.

Welcome to the Kaploe Marketing Group

The Kaploe Group understands the challenges facing business owners in today’s quickly changing market place and economy. Founded in 1996, the Kaploe Marketing Group saw a huge void in our industry that needed to be filled and strongly believed that we could assemble the finest marketing team in the industry to fill that need. Fortunately for us, and our new found clients, we were able to assemble that team and successfully fill that need. During these busy years, we have served the needs of hundreds of proprietors by providing professional marketing and management services to individual proprietors, multi-unit operators, national and local BPAA associations, manufacturers and distributors. Whether starting a new business or trying to revive an existing business, our professional team can provide you with a state of the art marketing and management plan of attack that will lower your risk, make you more money and give you more time to enjoy life.

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    I have been watching my emails more closely in the last month and, as always, contact my clients and ask them, “Hey, what’s going on?”  The answer seems to fall into two areas. One. Revenue has slipped since July and is not as good as in 2022. Two, Revenue was…

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  • Someone On Your Staff Made a Mistake. What Do You Do About It?

    Now what.  Our dinosaur brain clicks in, and we (usually) angrily respond that the person who made the mistake is a dummy, incompetent, and we tell them that with no real way to help them or improve in the future. We vent our anger, which may allow us to feel…

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  • Little Pockets

    Little pockets of softness are showing up on the West Coast; since July, open play has slowed not dramatically but noticeably. Now, moving slowly eastward like a lumbering freight train, not too fast, but moving. Why is this happening? People are starting to run out of discretionary money. Sure, they…

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