You Always Have A Choice

We are two months into the New Year and already, centers are planning for summer marketing

What is your strategy for summer? Some will look at this question and say, “Fred what do you mean? I am going to floor as many summer league bowlers as possible and then promote my open play programs, maybe add some new ones and pray for rain!”

Well, you do have choices.

  1. Run your traditional summer leagues; promote open play and do what you did last year
  2. Get the leagues back that want to come back and make a strong effort to do so and then concentrate on fund raisers and special events, but if you do this option, you need to start on the fundraisers and special event part of the business by mid-March at the latest
  3. Forget leagues and be very aggressive with open play, fund raisers and special events

Try to run the numbers and see how many special events or fund raisers you would need to exceed your revenue from last summer by at least 15%

Use 5 % of last year’s revenue for your promotional budget to achieve these results
It will take a little time to do this, but based on your demographics, market size, companies and personnel, you could find yourself in a much more profitable position come September.
It’s your choice

I have a PDF deck on “how to do” fundraisers and company events. Please let me know if you want it.

It has all the elements and “how to’s” you will need to get your summer rolling. There is no charge for this information, but If you like what you see, I’m available to assist you with your summer marketing programs on a project basis. 

Please email me or call me if you want the decks or have any questions. Regards

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